Bad Bird fried chicken.
Every single day.
For one entire year.
Absolutely free.
Will you get it next?

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Join Our Free Newsletter

Bad Bird is a concept from Lowbrow Casual Restaurants. Our newsletter also includes stuff from our other stores.

The powerful Master of Bird card lets you claim ANY Fried Chicken plate from Bad Bird every single day for one entire year.

Once a month, we raffle off one highly-coveted Master of Bird card to an active subscriber of our newsletter. To qualify, you also have to:

  1. Follow Bad Bird on Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Be an active subscriber of our newsletter. This means that you regularly open and read the content we send. (Besides, if you don’t read the newsletter, you also won’t know when we hold the raffle so you really need to participate.)

Make your friends, family, and third cousins jealous when you get the unreal ability to claim a free plate of fried chicken every single day for a year. There’s no catch. Just walk over to the store with your M.O.B. card and wave it in the air like you own the restaurant.

  • When will the raffle be held? You'll have to regularly read the newsletter to know. There is no other way.

  • Is there another way for me to get this card? Nope. We don't sell this card, and this is the only way. Unless you're a very important person.

  • What do you mean active subscribers? Active subscribers are people who regularly open and read our newsletter. We want to reward those of you who take time to actually participate in our community.

  • How do you know who's active and who's not? Our newsletter system shows us who actually engages with the newsletter as opposed to those who just signed up and forgot about it.

  • What happens if I cheat and add multiple emails under my name? We weed out cheaters all the time and we block them permanently from our system. Don't even try.

  • Can I use the MOB card in all branches? Yes.

  • Which of the Fried Chicken plates can I claim? Any one of them. It's also up to you if you're getting a single, double, or boneless order.

  • I can only get Fried Chicken, right? No. Fried Chicken plates come with sides. Just check the menu for the available ones.

  • Can I sell or share the card with others? No. Your name will be on it and you’ll need to present a valid ID every time you claim.

  • So I just join the newsletter and wait? Yup. We'll send out the raffle dates and the winners through the newsletter so you'll get an update in your email at least a week before the contest.

  • Can I use this for takeout? Nope, card is for dine-in only.